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The Business of Reselling Episode 4: Email Marketing

Online sales down, resellers? It’s time to try some new marketing tactics. Today’s Just the Tip is about Audience building, specifically using an email list to market your eBay or online store. Jess discusses how email marketing works for Storage Warrior, how their email marketing system is structured, and what services they use to grow and nurture repeat buyers via an email list.

And, while it’s true that many sellers don’t want to use email marketing because they don’t like receiving promotions by email, it is still an incredibly effective marketing method as long as you only email the people who want to be on your list. If they unsubscribe, that’s okay too!

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Get started with email marketing with MailChimp:

Send an automatic Thank You email with 3D Sellers

Set up a simple landing page to collect emails:


Start Selling on eBay:

Research sold prices with Worthpoint:

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