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Meet the Warriors

Hi, we’re Storage Warrior!

Our little business is at the intersection of junque and collectibles. We’re happy to meet you! So here’s the lowdown: we play Storage Wars in real life, and we’ve been doing it since 2012. Is it just like the show? Yes, in many ways. Is it profitable? Absolutely. Are we rich yet? Well…we’ll get there. 😉

We LOVE old stuff. Signs. Comic books. Rusty old pulleys. Tin toys. The list is endless. Our business is all about finding this stuff and rescuing it before it gets thrown away, so we can get it into the hands of people who will love and appreciate it for decades.

We’re also experts on knowing what’s worth money, what’s worth keeping, what’s worth storing, and what just needs to go. Space is often a lot more valuable than the things you put in it. Stuff can clutter up your home and your mind. So if you’ve got too much stuff, we’re REALLY good at helping you minimize it while putting some money in your pocket.

And just to prove how good we really are at this, we are also winners of eBay Canada’s 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year awards in the micro-multinational category! Read more about our story here.

In this business, there’s no shortage of stories about buying, selling and all the shenanigans that happen in between. It’s our goal to share those stories with you on our blog, teach you a little about the business, and help you learn how you could make money selling stuff too, if you want to.

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