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The Business of Reselling Episode 3: How to Say No

In this week’s episode we’re talking all about how to say no to unreasonable requests. We’ll look at some of the psychology behind why we have trouble saying no. Research by Cialdini et al., uncovers our desire for compliance, consistency and commitment to our behavior, and sometimes these things compel us to agree to requests even if we don’t want to or they are really inconvenient for us.

So how do you say no? You can just use that one word – NO – or you can explain yourself, but you shouldn’t apologize. Practice saying no, and it becomes easier over time as you understand and articulate your own boundaries as a business owner.

In this episode Jess also discusses why saying no makes you more productive – which leads to making more money.

7:23: Why saying no is so hard

12:02: A few ways to practice saying no

17:51: Why saying no makes you more money

Today’s call to action: try saying no the next time you get a request for something you’d rather not do.

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