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The Business of Reselling Episode 5: Successful Reselling During Massive Inflation

This week Jess is discussing how to continue to be a successful reseller in spite of massive inflation and a possible looming recession. After defining what inflation means and how it affects consumer spending, Jess dives into how it might affect resellers specifically, and what we can all try in order to keep our businesses healthy over what could be a lengthy stretch of slow economic activity.

Find out why you shouldn’t necessarily be selling cheaper items just because many consumers have less money to spend! It can be beneficial to focus on high-ticket items instead.

Jess also discusses why Storage Warrior is no longer selling on Etsy, and her dog Eddy also has something to say about it!

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CNBC article on American debt, wages and spending:

Bank of Canada article on understanding inflation:

Northeastern University’s article on Inflation and Consumer Behavior:


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