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The Business of Reselling Episode 12 & 13: Raise Your Prices and Get Networking!

Okay, so the podcast had a few hiccups the past few weeks. I missed a post here, then I got sick and lost my voice, then I went to Las Vegas and lost it AGAIN. But I’m back with a double podcast post for you!

Episode 12’s “Just the Tip” was to raise your prices. Check it out here on YouTube:

And now for Episode 13, inspired by my recent trip to Las Vegas to speak at the BOSS Reseller Remix.

So, here’s your recap from the BOSS Reseller Remix and a whole episode on the benefits of networking with resellers and other business owners! It was an amazing week in Las Vegas, where I met hundreds of other resellers. It was an amazing feeling getting out of my bubble and talking business with so many likeminded people.

What’s great about networking? Not only does it help you find more business opportunities but it helps you build confidence in your business, gain perspective on business problems, and so much more. If you’re a nervous networkers, this episode will offer some tips on how to get started.

Here it is on Spotify:

And, on YouTube:

Your call to action this week is to choose a networking opportunity (virtual or in person) and get out there and DO it! Where did you go? Who did you meet? Leave me a comment on YouTube, I’d love to know.


Benefits of Networking, from Small Business BC:


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