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We’re eBay’s 2019 Micro-Multinational Entrepreneur of the Year!

eBay Entrepreneur of the Year

Well folks, we have huge news today! We’re proud to announce that we’re the winners of the 2019 eBay Micro Multinational Entrepreneur of the Year award. Entrepreneur of the year! What a cool thing to be recognized for.

About eBay Entrepreneur of the Year Awards and Our Business

This award is to recognize Canadian eBay entrepreneurs who export a lot of stuff, and we do! Our products go all over the world, from the USA to Malaysia, Germany, Australia and dozens more countries. From Hot Wheels to comic books to weird vintage stuff (we’re selling a gorilla shaped shampoo bottle right now. For real) and electronics, if it fits in a box, we’ll ship it almost anywhere. Of course, we couldn’t do it without amazing services like ChitChats that allow us to ship worldwide at reasonable rates, or without the massive global audience that eBay allows us to reach…

…but of course, the most important part of our success is YOU – our customer. We have so many returning buyers now and gain new ones every single day. <3

How we’re Celebrating Entrepreneur of the Year…with a huge sale for you, of course!

So to say thanks and help us celebrate, we have every single item in our store on sale from 10-50% off, until October 24!

Yes EVERY single item, even new stock. It’s one of the biggest sales we’ve ever had!

If you’re looking for some unique gifts for the holidays, or if you’ve had your eye on something in our store for a while, it’s discounted right now. So click here and go get it before someone else does =)

It’s crazy to think that this all started when we bought a storage unit at an auction, with absolutely no clue what to do with all the stuff we found in it. And now we have a business that ships all over the world!

We could not be entrepreneurs of the year without you supporting us. Thank you!

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