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The Business of Reselling Episode 7: Sourcing Strategies for 6 Figure Sales (Part 1)

This is Part 1 of a series on Sourcing Strategies for 6-Figure Sales (and beyond). I’m not sure how many episodes will be in this series, so I’ll just keep doing episodes until it seems like I’ve covered just about everything.

Lots of resellers might tell you to source better items to grow your business, but what does that mean? How do you do it? Where do you look? What should you buy? In Part 1 of this series, I’ll explore why you should look closely at your own sourcing strategy to figure out where it’s working, and where it isn’t. Identifying what you can do better will help you develop a better overall strategy for sourcing items for reselling.

Why does this matter? Because sourcing is the basis for a successful business, and almost everything else you do as a reseller is a result of how you source. Bad sourcing leads to inefficient business, which leads to lower sales.

I’ll also talk about various aspects of a sourcing strategy, what you should be thinking about when you go sourcing, and what you need to do to improve your sourcing processes.

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