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These Boxing Gloves Helped Us Punch Out a Big Profit

Am I really writing a post about sparkly boxing gloves?

Oh yes I am.

This one has got to be on the top ten list of most absurdly valuable things we’ve ever found in a storage locker.

When you look at these things…does the word “expensive” come to mind?

…didn’t think so.

At first we laughed at these silly Victoria’s Secret boxing gloves. I mean…they aren’t meant to be used, are they?

But a little tag on the inside says they are 10 oz gloves, implying they are actually suitable for boxing. REALLY?!?!?

Turns out Victoria’s Secret actually has a sport line, and according to online research these boxing gloves can actually be used in the ring. But you wouldn’t want to do that. Why? Well – apparently they were only produced for window displays so there aren’t very many pairs around. And Victoria’s Secret collectors (yeah they exist) go gaga over them.

This pair recently sold on eBay for over $500 US.

Umm, WHAT?

We paid less than $200 for this locker, so I guess we’re punching out of our weight class (ba dum chhhh) on this one.

Anyone want to buy them?

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