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April Auction Madness Begins Now! Silver Age Comics, Coins + More

Okay so we’ve been sitting on this sterling silver medal from 1909 for what seems like forever. And we finally decided to put it up for auction along with lots of silver coins, Silver Age comic books, art, vinyl and all the unique collectibles we have up for auction this month!

>>> You can sign up and bid right now <<<

I mean, how COOL is this thing:

Sterling Silver Auction

We also have comics from the 1960s (and newer)…

Silver Age Comic Auction

David Bowie records and lots more vinyl…

David Bowie Records Auction

And even a hand crank Grundig radio!

Grundig Radio Auction

Bidding ends April 6 – so get in there and set your max bids. CLICK HERE.

By the way – is there something you’d LOVE to see in the next auction? Leave a comment with your feedback and request!

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