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The Business of Reselling Episode 16: Volume Pricing vs. Order Discounts on eBay (VIDEO)

I made this week’s podcast episode specifically for some folks in a Facebook group who were discussing how volume pricing and order discounts work on eBay. It’s actually not super clear what the difference is!

So, this week Jess runs an experiment to determine once and for all, the difference between Volume Pricing and Order Discounts on eBay.

eBay’s marketing tools are a great way to get more sales this holiday season – so this week’s episode goes hand in hand with Episodes 15 (Maximize Your Holiday Sales) and 14 (Black Friday Sales Strategies). Put all of them together for great sales this holiday season!

This one is best watched rather than listened to, so I’m just including the YouTube link this week. You can listen on podcatchers too, but video is better this week.

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