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The Business of Reselling Podcast Episode 1

That’s right, it’s the first official episode of the Business of Reselling podcast! In all its glory and awkwardness. Check it out on Spotify here:

Or if you like YouTube you can watch it here!

It’s the very first episode! To help listeners get to know me, I’ll be doing some storytelling about how we got started with reselling, some of the interesting things that have happened along our journey. I have some big goals for the business and the podcast to share with you as well.

Also: is it a good idea to start a podcast about reselling $1 million when a recession is potentially looming? Let’s look at how buyer behavior has changed in previous recessions and use that to help forecast what might happen next.

I’m looking for your feedback on these episodes to find out what YOU want to learn about, so make sure to subscribe to the podcast on Apple or Spotify too!

If you’re curious, here’s the Harvard Business Review article I refer to in the podcast about how to market during an economic downturn.

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