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The Business of Reselling Episode 19: This Buyer Called Me a Scammer

In today’s episode, Jess explores why some people act rude and aggressive online and how it might affect your business and your feelings towards it. Recently Jess was called a scammer for selling in US dollars despite being in Canada, with the buyer implying that it was illegal to do so (it isn’t). The person took their complaints away from eBay and to our company’s Facebook page, making all kinds of accusations that they later deleted themselves. But it brings up the matter of difficult buyers in general – why are some buyers accusatory and aggressive? Is there psychology behind this? And what does it mean when you’re trying to build a business and a brand?

Let’s clear up the specific accusations first – because what happened matters to Canadian sellers and it’s important to know how to deal with situations like this and stand your ground. We’ll also look at how to deal more generally with those interactions that just make your blood boil – and how to leverage them to make your business even better.

Oh, and you’ll also hear all about our Black Friday sales results!

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