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Nesting Dolls


My Secret Obsession

The thing about buying people’s abandoned stuff is that you quickly grow to realize how little you actually need in life.

If you are paying money to store Tupperware containers…a broken coffee table…outdated electronics…first of all, give your head a shake. Second, remember that storage is supposed to be a temporary thing.

Okay okay, I’m ranting and that’s not what this post is about so moving along…

Some people pay to store their collections – whether it’s comic books or silver bullion or vintage toys.

We aren’t collectors at all. Neither of us are really inclined that way, and given our line of work it’s unlikely we’ll ever cross over into that realm.

Except for one thing…Russian nesting dolls.

This is my collection of Russian nesting dolls. I don’t know why this is a thing. I do have a memory of staring in awe at my stepdad’s buddy’s penguin collection and among the black and white birds there was a penguin nesting doll. I remember thinking that was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. I mean – there were so many penguins inside that penguin! Cutest thing ever!

Perhaps that’s where this affinity began. I love the idea of things that nest inside each other and discovering ever smaller dolls inside is just delightful.

The other J doesn’t collect anything, at least not permanently. I guess we have a growing “collection” of First Nations art because we find a lot of it and we appreciate it. But even that is temporary. Eventually we’ll want a change and we’ll build up a collection of something else.

Recently on American Pickers Mike and Frank picked the home of a collector who also collected temporarily. I think it was old radios, and then robots, and then something else. When he needed a change he would liquidate his whole collection and start again with something else.

It makes sense, somehow, to have that impermanence. It keeps life fresh, and keeps you from becoming a hoarder.
If you look at the picture above you can see my collection isn’t very big. But it’s on proud display in my house, which is where I think your collections should be if you have them.

What’s the point if you can’t look at and appreciate collecting?

This is why I don’t get comic book collecting (no offense to you comic lovers out there! We know there are tons of you in our audience). If it’s all put away in a box how can you appreciate it? I’ll never understand, but I sell a lot of comics so whatever y’all are doing it for, well, keep it up ?

So now you know what my secret obsession is. What’s yours? Leave a comment and tell us what YOU collect. Maybe we can help you add something special to it!

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