Hi, we’re J&J, a.k.a. the Storage Warriors. We’re a little internet shy so we asked our dog Eddy to represent us, and he willingly obliged. He’s so nice. Here he is:

Eddy the Storage Auction Dog

Anyway, Eddy doesn’t really like the storage auction business but he’s a trooper so we take him to a lot of the auctions, where he makes friends easily. We asked him to explain what we do in his words, and this is what he said:

“Ruff ruff growl, grr…yawn…zzzzzzzzzz.”

He can be a bit uncooperative sometimes.

So here’s the lowdown: we play Storage Wars in real life, and we’ve been doing it since 2012. Is it just like the show? Yes, in many ways. Is it profitable? Absolutely. Are we rich yet? Not so much.

But we keep going to the auctions every month, and sometimes we find some pretty cool treasures, like this little figurine we sold for $1,500:

Tinkerbell figurine - a great storage auction find

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Buying at storage auctions has had an unexpected benefit for us. It’s changed our entire perspective on “stuff”. We’ve become a bit minimalist. J1 got rid of hundreds of possessions earlier in the year because she just couldn’t stand to own so many things. We decided that this business is a means to let us have all the experiences we want to have in life, because the things don’t matter.

We’re also experts on knowing what’s worth money, what’s worth keeping, what’s worth storing, and what just needs to go. Space is a lot more valuable than the junk you put in it. Stuff clutters up your home and your mind. And all too often, people lose everything they have in storage because they can no longer pay to keep it, and we pick it up for pennies on the dollar.

Kind of sad in a way, right?

But that’s the business we’re in, and there’s no shortage of stories about buying, selling and all the shenanigans that happen in between. It’s our goal to share those stories with you on this blog, teach you a little about the business, and help you learn how you could make money selling stuff too, if you want to.

So sign up for your free download – The Top 10 Resellable Brands You Already Have at Home – and start making money with us. We’ll see you on the blog!

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