Okay, so maybe you’ve been collecting for a long time and now you need to downsize. Whether you’re getting ready to sell your home, you want to earn some extra money or you just need more space, we’ll help you clear the clutter.

Basically it works like this: you hire us to sell stuff for you, and you get paid.

Sounds pretty great right? Here are our services:


We list your items and store them for you until they’re sold. We choose the best selling channels and prices for your items to get them gone quickly. Create space immediately and get paid monthly until it’s all gone! Rates from 20-40%.

Estate Sales

You decide what you want to sell. We come to your house, set it up, price it and manage an estate sale event in your home. We split the money 50/50. Done and done.


If you want it gone and need the money right away, we can buy out all of your items at once. While this isn’t the way to get top dollar for your items, it’s the fastest way to create space and get paid.

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